Meet The Betties!

The Betties’ Mission 

Our mission is to celebrate the beauty of all women and empowering women to share it with our community with boldness, poise, energy, and outreach.

Our Story 

The Border Town Betties were formed in February of 2019 by Molly Stonesifer and Becky Scherf. The groups inaugural event was the Miss Motorhead Pinup Contest held in March of 2019. At inception the hope of the Betties was to create a social club for people who were enthusiastic about vintage fashion and to bring the pinup culture to the Twin Ports. 

You will find the Betties at local car shows, helping local non profits with fundraisers, and planning their own events. Future goals for the group include empowering members to lead group events, running meetings, forming local connections, and expanding our positive impact on the community. The main goal of the group will always be to HAVE FUN, build relationships between women, and empowering and uplifting each other. 

Brody Bombshell, Co-Founder & CEO

My name is Becky Scherf, or as some of you know me, Brody Bombshell. I’m married and a mom to three little ladies and one dapper little dude. My muggle job is working in insurance but I spend most of my time as co-owner to a local vintage shop that will be opening soon and here, with the Betties!

I had been drawn to pinup and vintage style since I was a small child and that’s what convinced me to start pinup modeling when I graduated high school. I have been involved in the pinup community for almost 18 years in one way or another. I’ve worked with several pinup charities over the years and had always dreamed of having one locally so I decided to start the Betties and make that dream a reality!

My hope for the Betties is to HAVE FUN, build friendships, continue to grow, and help where needed in our community to make it a better place while empowering and uplifting our members along the way!

Photo credit: Grinkie Photography LLC

Poppy Paramour

Hi! My name is Megan Hendricks and I’m a prospect with The Betties. You can call me Poppy Paramour.

I work as a pharmacy coordinator for a home infusion company to support my shopping habits. Vintage dresses bring me joy and I was lucky enough have met the founder of The Betties while shopping the vintage store she co-owns.

I love hunting for treasure at estate sales and antique stores with my husband. We have two rescue dogs that we adore and treat like children.

I am new to the pinup community, but I’ve always had an affinity for vintage things. I’ve met so many wonderful people so far, and I can’t wait to start participating in events again soon.


Shirley Shasta

Hi, I'm Molly! I'm a wife, mom, seamstress, educator, and lover of all things vintage. I experienced a burst of inexplicable pinup energy in the winter of 2019, which led to the creation of the Miss Motorhead Pinup Contest, which in turn became the impetus for the Border Town Betties.

I'm known on stage as Shirley Shasta, named for our Shasta Compact travel trailer that my husband I renovated. I brake for rummage sales, flea markets, turtles, and the sight of an abandoned vintage camper peeking through the trees.

Photo Credit: Scott Canon Behnke



LouLou L’Amour

Hey, y'all! My name is Louren Yzaguirre and I'm from Pasadena, Texas (suburb of Houston). I moved up to Superior in 2015 from New Orleans, with my husband. I have always been a huge fan of vintage clothing and became a bigger fan of vintage reproduction in around 2004. I recently discovered a new love for makeup and vintage hair styles.

I am married to my best friend and we have 3 dogs and 2 cats, all rescues. I love camping, hiking, true crime shows/podcasts, a good cocktail, and traveling all over.




Holly Stockton

I am a woman on a mission. A mother of 2 beautiful young women, a wife, a business owner, an activist, and mould breaker. I co-chair a non-profit group that provides health and wellness to underprivileged women who have experienced major traumas in their life. I support the underdog. But these are all just small pieces that make up the woman behind Holly.

Holly's mission is to show other women that they can be both strong and feminine, that you can be a beast in the gym and in front of the camera or on stage. I chose the name Holly Stockton based off of two of the most iconic women I know: Audrey Hepburn and Abby "Pudgy" Stockton. Holly comes from one of the most memorable roles every played by Audrey - Holly Go Lightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's. I chose to use a character name instead of Audrey as I already named my first daughter after her and did not want to create any confusion. To me, Audrey is not only a trend setter but a humanitarian and it's her work as a humanitarian that made her one of my icons and influences for my stage name. I chose Stockton because Abby was the IT girl back in the 40s, a professional strongwoman who pioneered physical training for women. It is my hope that I can bring this type of strength and femininity to life through Holly Stockton.

Photo Credit: Harlow Pinup

Rowena Rogue

Hello all! My name is Stephanie Thayer, or in the pinup community, Rowena Rogue. I’m a married mom to two, (or three if you count my dog, Bane ). I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, but I’m hopeful I’ll figure it out someday.

I’ve been around pinup culture/clothing since I was about 16 (thanks Brody!). My first dive into it personally was at Miss Motörhead 2019. It’s been a wonderful way to meet amazing ladies and as petrified as I was, I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone to participate!

Outside of pinup I love spending time outdoors and being active (except I’m a little iffy about that in winter), true crime, games, eating donuts, spending time with family and friends, arts and crafts, etc.

I would say the best part of being a Bettie is helping out in the community and being able to make some friends. I’m definitely an introvert and quite shy, and it’s helped me come out of my shell a bit. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this organization and I’m happy to be involved!

Photo Credit: Erik Blume

Vera Vixen

My name is Amber Tenerelli, or Vera Vixen. I am new to the pinup community. I was drawn to the body positivity and female empowerment! Plus, the amazing dresses don’t hurt either!

I am a physical therapist by day and wife and mother of three by night. I enjoy cooking and baking after a long day. My kids are always in with me wanting to help! I love decorating fun cakes for family and friends. Let’s just say I share my love with people through food!

My husband and I also enjoy acting in murder mysteries throughout the area. Another great reason to dress up and meet new people!

The Betties are a great way to love yourself and your community while making amazing friends for life!


Edie Rokitts

Hi, my name is Amanda, or Edie Rokitts! I own the Pottery Burn Studio in Superior. I love art, exploring the outdoors, spending time with family and friends and shoes! I am so excited to join the Betties because I love dressing up and meeting new people.

Being a Bettie will help me be involved with bigger and better things in our community while having a great time.


Roxxie Nyx

Born and raised in Duluth, Roxxie spends her days as a Vet Assistant and receptionist at a local clinic and her nights performing with the local Burlesque troupe.

A lover of Pin-Up and Alternative styles, she has an affinity for cosplay, rock and roll, musicals, Disney and horror, and adores idols such as Bettie Page, Elvira, and Morticia Addams.

Excited to join the Betties, she can’t wait to spend time enjoying the company of likeminded people and helping out in our community.




Honey Bea

Hey everyone! My name is Audra aka Honey Bea. I was born and raised in Superior but spend 8 months of the year studying Elementary Education and Stage & Screen Arts at UW-River Falls. During my summers I work as a tour guide at Superior Public Museums or for Parks and Rec. When I’m not working you might find me paddle boarding, looking at houses I can’t afford on Zillow, watching horror movies, antique shopping, sewing, or enjoying my Poochon Alfred. 

My aunt played a big role in my vintage journey. I first fell in love with pinup style fashion when I watched Grease at her house at the age of 8 (my mom wasn’t too happy). The plot may have been problematic but the fashion stuck with me. The next Halloween she got me my own poodle skirt and pair of saddle shoes! 

I didn’t really immerse myself until last spring when I impulsively decided to sign up for the Lady Liberty contest. I was immediately drawn in by how supportive and encouraging the pinup community was. I can’t wait to continue my pinup journey with the Betties! Rosette Papillon - Hi! I'm Kara, aka Rosette Papillon. I'm a Duluth native who works in Superior, so I'm truly a Twin Ports gal. I'm an accountant by day, and when I'm not crunching numbers, I love riding my bike and making wine with my soon-to-be hubby. Makeup is my passion, and I love trying different looks. 

I'm so excited to be a Bettie and join the fierce ladies in this group!

Cactus Jackie

Hi y’all… I am Cactus Jackie!!!  I am in love with rockabilly and pinup styling and culture. My love of this fashion has morphed from my rocker and biker looks and my love of Swing/Swinger and Rockabilly music (Sinatra, Buble, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy).  I am truly a Rockabilly at heart!! 

You will frequently find me wearing jeans, a band shirt or pinup shirt, a cardigan or leather jacket and cute shoes!   Being from Central MN, there are not many opportunities for pinup events here; as such I am the first distance member of the Border Town Betties, aka: a “Veronica.” (Betty and Veronica from Archie Comics, get it?!?!) 😃



Rosie Sparx

Rosie Sparx brings her playful personality to the Betties with her love for people and all things pinup and vintage style! She is a performer in Duluth's local burlesque troupe and works as a Registered Nurse in our community.

In her free time, Rosie enjoys sewing costumers and vintage inspired clothing, making others laugh, and spreading her infectious silliness to everyone possible. This little flower is sure to leave a little of her sparkle wherever she goes.

Rosie is thrilled to be a part of the Betties and is excited to promote self love, acceptance, and body positivity with a little vintage flare and humor.