Welcome to Border Town Betties!
The Border Town Betties, formed in 2019, was created to be a social club for people who appreciated vintage fashion and to introduce the Northland to the pin up community. The main goal of the group is building female relationships and women empowerment!
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Bettie Pics
The main goal of our group is building female relationships and women empowerment!
Want To Become a Bettie?

Step 1. Be a good person.
Step 2. Want to be a Bettie.

People ask us all the time “What does it take to be a Bettie?” The answer is simply really. First, just be a good person. Be used to uplift and empowering the people around you. Break down biases. Second, want to be Bettie. The Betties do not discriminate based on sex or gender preference. You can ALL sit with US. We are always recruiting new members.

Want to hang out? Want to help? Message us! We’d love to have you.
Check Out "The Bettie Pages"
Check out our "Bettie Pages" blog! Learn about all things Betties, details on upcoming events, some rants about who-knows-what, or maybe we'll talk about our cats. You just never know, and that's what makes it fun!